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Estradiol for Male-to-Female Transgender

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Oestrogel Estradiol

The human body produces many different types of hormones among them are the sex hormones; male hormone and female hormone. The sex hormones are not just responsible for the development of the reproductive system, but also the physical characteristics like height and build, fat and muscle distribution etc. They also help in the development of the brain and in supporting the general health and well being of people.

Hormone therapy for transgender people

Hormone therapy is adopted to make one feel at ease with one’s body and even psychologically. There are people who experience discomfort at their male or female appearance or in their gender role as a man or woman. Both of these factors often leads to a conflict with one’s inner sense and help is sought. And that help usually comes in the form of hormone replacement treatment or what is also referred to as ‘cross-sex’ hormone therapy. In the words of Wikipedia: “Hormone replacement therapy is a form of hormone replacement therapy in which sex hormones (namely androgens for transgender men and estrogens for transgender women) are administered for the purpose of synchronizing a person’s secondary sexual characteristics with their gender identity”. They are usually the first treatment that transgender people go to find some relief. In transgender woman, cross-sex hormones help in making the appearance more feminine while in transgender man, the appearance is made more masculine.

Estrofem 2mg Estradiol

Estradiol for male-to-female transgender 

Estradiol is basically a form of estrogen, which is a female sex hormone that is produced by the ovaries. Along with removing symptoms associated with menopause, estradiol is also responsible for the development of the female secondary sexual characteristics and hence, is used widely in transgender treatment. Estrogens much like androgens, steroids and progestins are a class of molecules.

As a medicine estradiol is affordable, produces dramatic results and is said to have low hepatic toxicity. Before taking estradiol, it is necessary to consult your doctor for the best set of precautions to be taken. Estradiol has certain side effects which you should in every detail be aware of.

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